A wide range of PP/PE waste is collected, preferable packaged.


    There are two processing lines: soft waste that can be ground up, and hard wate that is densified.


    Heat is applied to the polymer, producing a material that can be easily reduced down to cubes or granules.


    The granules can be instantly transported to the moulding department, where any type of plastic product can be produced


    The product can be stored in a covered or uncovered storage facility, to ensure a complete service from start to finish.


2,000 Tons

2,000 Tons

Is the clamping force of the company’s biggest press.

PROJECT FOR BUILDING offers its customers a good 10 presses which are different from each other; these are machines are capable of very high clamping forces, but there are also those with lesser power – indeed, the smallest is 80 tons

40 Tons

40 Tons

Is the amount of waste that arrives at PROJECT FOR BUILDING each day. The materials are either brought in directly by suppliers or collected by the company, which has its own vehicles. All this ensures a more complete service, and means that those who do not have the relevant equipment are still able to contribute to environmental sustainability.

0 Environmental impact


Environmental impact

Being a company that is focused on innovation and driven towards a sustainable future, Project for Building values the well-being of people and respect for the environment alongside its business. It expresses this in a practical sense, each day disposing of waste that otherwise would not have any use, and turning it into an exploitable resource in many different ways.

18,000 square metres

18,000 square metres

This is the size of the area occupied by PROJECT FOR BUILDING.
7500 square metres of this space is covered by the brand new building housing the plant, the storage and waste sorting area, and the warehouse, where the finished products are kept. There is also a vast uncovered area which is used as a warehouse



Is the average percentage of waste that is processed by our plants and turned into polypropylene granules, ready for reuse. The technology developed by the experience of our staff means that wastage is minimized in every step of the regeneration process. Indeed, one of the company’s objectives is to decrease this 8% of wastage.



From your idea to the final product, we are ready to assist you at all stages of the process.
We produce, for our customers and all stakeholders, plastic moulds (both recycled an non-recycled); and we provide service, professionalism and a level of quality that have characterized the company for many years.

The machinery which PROJECT FOR BUILDING has available is able to satisfy any type of requirement, regardless of the quantity and the material involved, with great flexibility. Indeed, we work on the production of small series, such as samples, but also on large, continuous projects, adapting to demands and ensuring a very short response time and order fulfilment.

PROJECT FOR BUILDING, thanks to the constant commitment of its staff, follows the progression of your projects step by step, ensuring the highest quality.

The constant commitment of our staff is one of the guarantees for the success of the most ambitious projects; this is because our business is always looking towards the future.

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