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RAPIDO” is a valid alternative to traditional hollow brick blocks; indeed, the weight of the floor made in this way is less than if it were made with reinforced concrete.

It is a strong and safe product which supports the weight of the operator and that of the concrete during casting.

RAPIDO” has an easy interlocking system for the modules, which, along with its lightweight quality, contribute to reducing the time required for installation. Cables and pipes can easily pass through its hollow structure.

RAPIDO” can be used both in new housing and in renovations, and can easily be cut in width or length.

If you wish to apply a false ceiling below the beam, on request, we will provide “CLAWS” in order to anchor the ceiling.

“GABLE” This is an element which is used to close the heads of the span,
in order to avoid the overflow of concrete during the casting stage.

Laying diagram

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