Project For Building Project was founded in 1995 with the aim of producing formwork for building made from recycled plastic: Granchio. Driven by enthusiasm and inquisitiveness, the company entered the market offering products that contribute to the innovation of traditional building.

Right from the start the company was fitted out with a fleet of machinery which has increased in line with the company’s growth, and today we use the latest systems to ensure both flexibility and product quality.

PFB has always managed its activities with the fullest regard for the environment, which is why in 2001 we became a partner of BDM RIFLEX SRL, a company specialized in plastics recycling; we then completely took over the company in 2008.

With this acquisition we realized our idea of ​​recycling materials with the quality assurance of each individual element, thanks to our complete control of the production cycle, from the waste product through to the end product.

ReUse Reduce Recycle

The company has always looked to the future with the intention of bringing contemporary construction to ever higher levels with minimal environmental impact. With this in mind, we began to consider something new: RUBBER in its second life. This is how Damper and AgriGomma came into being; systems devised, respectively, for acoustic well-being and the well-being of animals. Both products are environmentally friendly and one of a kind.

Currently PFB has a strong national presence, and the company is now expanding into European and global markets.

20 years of quality, research and a high level professionalism have guaranteed our inevitable growth, and today, thanks to the synergies of these resources, the company is able to respond to every need with solutions and high quality services.


Press Model

Clamping Force

Maico Ydro 4000 4000 Ton
RP 2000 2000 Ton
Maico Tek-S 1300 EI 1300 Ton
Maico Corsa – S1200 1200 Ton
Maico 1200 TEK n°2 1200 Ton
RP HT 1100 1100 Ton
Maico 1000 Saving 1000 Ton
Maico Corsa – 1000 1000 Ton
RP 900 900 Ton
Sandretta Serie otto 830 830 Ton
Maico 800 TEK 800 800 Ton
Sandretto Serie otto 270 270 Ton
Sandretto Serie otto 80 80 Ton

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