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AGRIGOMMA is the innovative mat designed to give max­imum comfort to the animal.

Developed through ongoing research into well-being, it ensures:

  • improved hygiene for the environment and for the an­imal; as it is extremely easy and fast to clean the stall and the surrounding area, all organic fluids can be eas­ily removed from the mattress, when using either the smooth or ribbed part.
  • excellent stability for the animal, as there is excellent grip between the hoof and the surface, thanks to the mat’s innovative composition which eliminates the risk of slipping and falling.
  • resistance to the pressure exerted by the animals’ hooves, especially when getting up; the mat does not move and will not warp.
  • It is not susceptible to any kind of attack by organic and non-organic liquids.


There are also more practical aspects, connected to the well-being of the animal. For example, the product can be fully customised, both in terms of thickness and length; this contributes to improved hygiene, as com­bining many small mats would create a greater risk of organic liquids seeping below the product, which could result in the formation of mould and may produce bad odours. With a single piece the probability of seepage is virtually non-existent.

It is ideal for use in stalls, litters, corridors, wash­ing areas and horse walkers.

Agrigomma is obtained by fusing two raw materials both in their second life, in full compliance with corporate pol­icies envisaging the use of 100% recycled material. It is made of polyethylene, regenerated in-house, and ground rubber made from the tyres of scrapped cars.

Technical features

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