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SKUDO is an element made from recycled polypropylene de­signed to protect the waterproof layer in retaining walls. Due to its sturdiness, it ensures resistance to compression and to dragging down due to settling of the soil, thereby preserving the waterproof layer over time. Besides its height, it creates an excellent air chamber for ventilation and excellent separa­tion from soil moisture.

Technical features

The support bases, amounting to a surface of 755 cmq / sqm., are shaped so as to cause no damage to the waterproof layer.

The height of «SKUDO» (7.5 cm) along with the special shape formed by truncated cones and truncated pyramids, creates an air chamber of 65l / sqm.

This volume of air ensures excellent ventilation, and at the same time humidity is separated from the ground, thus eliminating scree.

It is very important to create a channel at the foot of the wall, to collect the drained water; the «skudo» will be at the top of this.

The shape and type of material from which the «skudo» is made ensures resistance to any type of land to be used for re-filling.

The special interlocking system allows easy and fast laying (see laying diagram). To ensure vertical and horizontal adherence of the elements that have been installed, it is advisable to insert dowels into the slots during the laying stage.

In order to close the corners, an “L” profile should be applied directly to the “skudo».

A flashing or sealing grid (payable by the purchaser) should be placed over the last element.

If necessary you can cut «SKUDO» with a regular hacksaw or grinding wheel. «SKUDO» can be used in earth retaining walls, even without the waterproof layer.

Laying diagram

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