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REC FL00R is a tile made from recycled plastic, designed to be usefully employed in various fields. It has 2,500 holes per m2 for efficient drainage, and features a special type of hook which makes it self-locking.

Its main features are that it is light, easy and quick to install, drains easily, last well over time, is resistant to chemical and bacterial at­tack, and most importantly it is non-toxic, making it a highly ecological product.

The flooring is particularly suitable for use in leisure and sports areas. It is well suited to the requirements of areas specially equip­ped for live events such as fairs, exhibitions and markets, which call for provisional flooring that is robust, yet easy and quick to install. It is an ideal flooring solution for campsites; it can be placed in front of caravans, campers, tents, to provide a flat supporting surface that drains well, is self-cleaning, and easy to disassemble at any time.

It has proven to be functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing in areas such as children’s playgrounds or volleyball courts. This flooring solution is ideal for use in showers and changing rooms in gyms and sports centres.

In open areas of restaurants, bars and meeting places it is the ideal flooring for tables and chairs, as it can be taken up as easily as it was laid down, and put away for later use.

Thanks to its robust and lightweight qualities, it can be used to create walkways for gardens and pools, flooring for garages and warehouses, drainage platforms for industrial laundries and an­ti-static platforms in manufacturing facilities.

Advantages and possible uses


– Lightweight
– Easy and quick to lay
– High drainage power thanks to the 2500 holes per m2
– Resistant to chemical and bacterial attack


• Playgrounds
• Gyms
– Swimming Pools
– Warehouses
– Industrial Floors
– Restaurant Verandas
– Garages
– Walkways
– Sports Centres
– Campsites
– Exhibitions

Technical data sheet

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