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Domino is the innovative system divised to get flower box or vegetable garden, allow to take advantage of space thanks to unlimited combinations of the plastic modular in size 50×50 cm. Their modularity makes it possible to satisfy the most varied requirements, furthermore it is always possible to add or remove modules so as to reduce or enlarge the flower box.

It is a practical and reliable system that allows you to customize your space, in shape and color. The polypropylene with which the modules are made has been specifically designed to withstand atmospheric agents and UV rays. With a weight of 2.3 kg per module, they are excellent for recreating green oases on balconies and terraces.

Schema di posa

Step 1: Place the 50×50 base plates to get the shape required, insert all the PINS (3) beforhand and keeping these in place with WEDGE (4)

Step 2: Starting from an inside corner, place the plate as show (Fig 1) using an IRON CORNER BRACKET (6) and PLASTC SQUARE BRACKET (2). Secure with PINS (3) and WEDGES (5).

Step 3: Continue assempling the walls, working clockwise as show (Fig. 1 – 2 – 3) to suit your needs and composition type

NOTA BENE: The wall plates always sit half on and half off the base plates. The wall and base are identical. After ssemply, check that all WEDGES (4) are secure and gently tap in further with hammer.


The flower boxes above are not a limit to your needs, but rather with the Domino system you can compose infinite shapes, combining those proposed or starting from different shapes.

Progetta la tua Fioriera
12 mt

Progetta la tua Fioriera!

In pochi semplici passaggi scopri come disporre al meglio la fioriera Domino in funzione del tuo spazio.


The complete catalog of the DOMINO system is available on request, which also includes lnea metals, micro marbles, sandblasted, washed pebbles and stones.


After installing the DOMINO flower box, it would be advisable to make a base of clay (4-5 cm thickness), and lay it on top of the non-woven fabric that goes to adhere to the walls, and then continue to fill with the earth.

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