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“OLYMPUS” is a formwork, made from treated wood panelling, with integrated metal bands.

The main feature of «OLYMPUS» is that pillars can be created with dimensions of variable width, starting from 15cm, in multiples of 5cm up to 45 cm. Installing «OLYMPUS» is very fast indeed; assem­bly times are reduced to 1/10 compared to the traditional system of panels and ties.

The traditional assembly system for formwork requires, depending on the phases, at least 2 or 3 operators; with «OLYMPUS» this number is reduced to 1 or 2.

«OLYMPUS» can be mounted horizontally on site by a single operator and subsequently positioned vertically without the need for a further operator.

Moreover, the need for any site accessories inherent to the assembly of formwork for pillars is completely eliminated.

With the system of assembling a horizontally-fitted pillar, there is a significant reduction in accidents, as the operators are not required to climb on a ladder or scaffolding to complete the assembly.


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